Lesbian therapy

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Living as a couple often means experiencing inevitable conflicts between two people living under the same roof. To some couples, and even the most loving couples, may find that simply being together with their partner in the same space every day can feel overwhelming especially when housed with two strong personalities. Even when love is strong between partners and only want the best for each other, couples still find themselves struggling to come together and finding a compromise.

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If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're ready to move in a new direction in your life, or your child is experiencing behavioral or emotional problems, Claudia can help you find immediate relief and peace of mind. Her commitment is to help you and your loved ones live the most fulfilling, joyful and meaningful life possible. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she provides :.

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Gay affirmative psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy for non-heterosexualsspecifically gay and lesbian clients, which focuses on client comfort in working towards authenticity and self-acceptance regarding sexual orientationand does not attempt to "change" them to heterosexualor to "eliminate or diminish" same-sex "desires and behaviors". In fact, embracing and affirming gay identity can be a key component to recovery from other mental illnesses or substance abuse. Countering psychiatry over the past hundred years that saw homosexuality to be a mental illnesscurrent guidelines instead encourage psychotherapists to assist patients in overcoming the stigma of homosexuality rather than the sexual orientation.

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Be found at the exact moment they are searching. Sign Up and Get Listed. Some individuals argue the practice of grouping those who are not heterosexual or cisgender or neither under this acronym, which may or may not accurately represent their particular sexual orientation or identity, is itself an exclusionary act.

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Berlin AFP - German Health Minister Jens Spahn said Tuesday he plans to write a law this year to ban so-called gay conversion therapies that aim to force heterosexual orientation on homosexuals. Medical experts consider psychological or spiritual interventions to change someone's sexual orientation pseudo-scientific, ineffective and often harmful. The most controversial techniques involve administering electric shocks as subjects view images of homosexual acts, or injections of the male hormone testosterone.

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Although lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning LGBTQ individuals share some universal issues, their particular concerns are unique. Many LGBTQ individuals feel more comfortable with a therapist who is both familiar with these issues and accepting, supportive and encouraging during treatment. At myTherapyNYC, all of our therapists provide gay affirmative counseling.

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They make their own. We are all socialized to be heterosexual. Because of not being main-stream, lesbian have some challenges in addition to the regular life challenges that everyone faces.

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As a gay man I am aware of some of the difficulties that being gay brings. I do believe that a gay therapist is in an unique place when it comes to therapy. The stereotypes that gay individuals get projected onto them do not exist usually.

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The therapy relationship has been conceptualized as a Tripartite Model Gelso, which posits that the therapy relationship consists of three intertwining parts: a real relationship, a transference - countertransference configuration, and a working alliance. The plethora of research on the therapy relationship over the past three decades rarely considered sexual orientation as a demographic variable. Hence, very little is known about the therapy experiences of lesbiangay, and bisexual LGB clients, or the impact the therapy relationship has on the process and outcome of psychotherapy with these clients. The results of a recent study on the therapy relationship with lesbian and gay clients Kelley, reveal that, more than two-thirds of participants reported that they had a positive therapy relationship with their therapist.