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With so many cool vaginas and in many of these cases, vulvas dominating the news init was hard to narrow it down to just 13, but narrow it down I did. Here are the best vaginas of A little weird, yes, but also, good for them?

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Jade, 26 UK 7. Jessica, 23 United States 7. Kira, 18 Germany 7.

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Her weightlifting technique puts certain Olympic events to shame. Tatyana Kozhevnikova unofficially owns the World's Strongest Vagina by virtue of her record for vagina weightlifting, according to the Sun. Watch a clip from the show belowas she inserts a wooden egg into her vagina and attaches the weight to the egg.

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This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. A few months ago, we'd reported the curious case of a company launching a search for the most 'beautiful' vagina in the world. Well, you'll be overjoyed to know that the results are finally out, gold stars and everything.

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Last month, reports emerged that a sex toy manufacturer was launching a worldwide competition to find the world's most beautiful vagina. We have an answer. That's it.

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In addition to speaking so candidly about her lady parts, Iggy left little to the imagination when it came to her ensemble. Although she was covered up down therethe "Black Widow" performer nearly bared all in her blazer. Iggy went completely topless and braless underneath her unfastened jacket, putting her cleavage and stomach on full display.

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Vagina beer. It exists. A great accomplishment for vaginas I guess?

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Last month, a sex toy manufacturer launched a worldwide competition labelled "utterly creepy and sexist" to find the world's 'most beautiful vagina' - the idea being that the most voted-for submission would be used as the blueprint for a range of oral sex simulators. Obviously it was a pretty cheap PR stunt and heinous in its propagation of unrealistic beauty standards for women, but an interesting question remained — what does the average joe, conditioned by media, deem an 'attractive vagina'? That's it.

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June 11, June 18, Aside from the aesthetic aims of the contest, which Sloan and company extensively explain in one of the most bizarre and thorough research pages on the subject at vulvapaper.

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My name is Alise and I have the smallest pussy in the world. Well, maybe not the smallest. Or the daintiest.


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