How to piss your ex off

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Workplace abuse by your boss is a serious issue - no different than physical beating or sexual Get in a few arguments with people you'll piss off this way. The Lounge - ways to torture your ex-boss - Because Tom got fired, we want revenge on his now ex- boss. Hello M remind me not to piss you off.

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If it was a short relationship, things might not feel much different than they had before it began, but if you and your ex were dating for a while, you might feel like a totally different person. At this point, some hard mental and emotional work might need to be put in to figure out who the new you is. In a transitional period like that, it can be comforting to clamp onto an easy source of motivation.

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When a breakup ends poorly, it's human nature to want to hurt someone back to get the last word in. But while most of us keep these revenge fantasies Here, eight women confess the pettiest things they ever did to piss off an ex.

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And if you're anything like me, you want to do some immediate things to piss off the person who wronged you—whether it's a long-term. A few days ago one of my best friends told me that her shitbird of a now-ex-boyfriend had cheated on her, which is probably the worst thing you can do to a significant other besides murdering them in cold blood. My friend and her beau were living together, and she decided to move.

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There is nothing worse than the burn of heartbreak. If you are reading this article, you are probably the one who is suffering, and you are the one looking to get revenge on your ex. However, there is that chance too that you are trying to figure out what the ex boyfriend or girlfriend who you just dumped is trying to do.

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One of my favorite pastimes is pissing off my ex. Nothing makes me happier than ruining his night by being the center of all male attention, or reminding him how much blackmail I have on him to make him my own little personal bitch. Because sabotage is always good for the soul.

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By vi3tazntoanJuly 12, in soompi hangout. Ex texted constantly, phoned me, continued lying, said some harsh and laughably pathetic things which made me glad I broke up with such a nutjob lolalso after everything 'wanted to stay friends' and 'was sorry' for the billionth time. So I broke up with my ex on the day of our anniversary.

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Frank Sinatra famously said that the best revenge is massive success. I bet the women who used to brush him off when he was some chorus geek or whatever in high school felt really stupid about it a few years later. If this somehow angers you, skip the rest of this and go say something mean in the comments section.

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Have you ever wondered how to get revenge on your ex boyfriend without having to disembark from the standards and dignity that you are trying to rebuild after your breakup? If you want revenge on an ex, guess what? No judgment here, just simplicity and straightforward answers. This could not have come at a better time.


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