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A man has gone on trial at the Old Bailey in London charged with the murder of a part-time Bond actor during a month crime campaign involving the use of the chemsex drug GHB to steal from gay men. The prosecution allege that Gerard Matovu, 25, killed year-old Eric Michels, a human resources executive who appeared briefly in the Bond movie Skyfall, with GHB at Michels' home in Chessington, south-west London, on August 17 last year. Prosecuting barrister Jonathan Rees QC told the court that Michels was one of 12 men targeted by Matovu, who is accused along with Brandon Dunbar, 23, of carrying out a robbery campaign between and

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Through the history of humanity, every culture has made use of psychoactive substances. While smoking, eating and injecting have generated most interest, taking drugs through the nether regions has a remarkably long history. The reason someone might want to administer drugs through the vagina or anus is because these areas have two properties that make them excellent drug delivery systems: they are moist and they have an excellent blood supply.

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By Sara Malm for MailOnline. A Dutch man had to be rushed to hospital after taking chemsex drug GHB and stuffing 15 hard-boiled eggs up his rectum. The year-old had taken the 'date rape' drug along with his partner, but ended up needing emergency surgery after their ovum adventure. The 15 hard-boiled eggs caused a tear in his intestinal wall, leaving him in excruciating pain.

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GHB gammahydroxybutrate is used to treat narcolepsy but it can be a highly dangerous drug with sedative and anaesthetic effects. It can be particularly dangerous when used with alcohol and other depressant or sedative substances. GHB is a Class C drug and possession can lead to a two year prison sentence -- and being caught supplying can result in 14 years in prison.

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A month later, we now know Burros allegedly died from an overdose of Crystal Meth after inserting the drug crystal meth into his anus while engaging in vigorous sexual activity with a man he met on Grindr. While that may sound strange, it is just the beginning! Via The Blast.

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People also may booty bump so that they can avoid snorting drugs, which can damage your nose, or avoid smoking, which can damage your lungs. The rectum happens to be very efficient at absorbing a high percentage of a drug into your bloodstream—which is why some medications are administered through the rectum. That means that a higher percentage of the drug gets into your system with booty bumping, than for example, if you smoke your drugs.

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Urban myths and legends have been with us for some time and are likely to be with us well into the future. Urban myths are generally stories about weird and wonderful things purported to be absolutely true by the person telling the story. There are many that have existed over the years to do with drugs and some of these have to do with supposedly keeping safe. In recent weeks I have heard people swear black and blue that this works and that they have seen many people recover as a result of this bizarre procedure.

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But one recent case report will make even the most jaded among us wince. A truly noble cause. In recent years the problem has even increased

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Burrous, 43, was found unconscious at a motel in Glendale, Calif on December 27, and later died at the hospital. The death has been ruled as accidental. The medical emergency occurred during a sexual encounter, the report specified.


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